Flatbread Pizza Recipe | Lavash FlatBread Pizza Recipe

Well this flatbread pizza recipe isn’t really special recipe because it is a matter your choice, what you are going to put on the flatbread pizza because Lavish Pizza is thin compared to other flatbread pizza recipe so if you like crispy and thin crust on your pizza, then this flatbread pizza recipe is for you!

Flatbread Pizza Recipe | Lavash FlatBread Pizza Ingredients and Preperation:

One Pack of Lavash bread which can be cuted into rectangular bread pieces

Olive oil or you can also get an Olive Oil Spray

Italian seasonings are really great to us on this flatbread pizza recipe

Tomatoes which you must cut thinly and that you drain any juices from it.

Sauce: go with lightly sauce because hardly will make it soggy

Fresh herb which is basil which you add after making the bread!

Preheat your oven to exactly 400 degrees. Then lightly spray your olive oil on the bread and put your dressings on top of it. Place your toppings such as tomato, mushrooms or cheese… Since lavash bread is really thin, don’t overload it with your toppings and make sure to spray the olive oil on it. Place it on a cookie sheet or on a baking pan, and bake it for about 8-10 minutes or until the lavash bread is brown at the edges of the bread.

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